573-499-GOLF (4653)

General Information

1800 Parkside Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202
573-499-GOLF (4653)

Tee Times: Tee Times are taken 7 days in advance. Tee times take preference over walk-ins 7 days a week. On the current day of play, remaining tee times can be obtained in person or by contacting the clubhouse at 573-499-GOLF (4653). To book your Tee Time online Click Here.

Shoes: Soft spikes or tennis shoes.

Dress Code: No formal dress code required.

Liquor: No outside liquor or private coolers may be brought in. Beer, soda, food and snack items are sold at the concession stand.
Hours of Operation: Please check our home page or call the clubhouse at 573-499-GOLF (4653) for current opening schedule. Golf course is open year round, weather permitting. 
(See "Inclement Weather Operating Guidelines" below.)

Inclement Weather Operating Guidelines: L.A. Nickell Golf Course will open for play when the course conditions permit play. Playability of the course will be determined by the Golf Course Maintenance Supervisor or his/her designated Staff. 
Solo Rider Golf Cart: L.A. Nickell has a Solo Rider Golf Cart for golfers with limited mobility issues. This cart gives golfers with limited mobility the ability to drive on sensitive areas such as tees and greens without damaging the turf. The golf cart's seat swivels 350 degrees allowing golfers to easily exit and enter the golf cart. Plus, golfers are able to swivel the seat to the rear, and make a golf swing from the seated position.
It is recommended that you give 24 hours notice when renting the Solo Rider Golf Cart to ensure it completely charged and ready for use. For more information or to reserve the single rider cart for use, call 573-874-7538 or 573-874-7539. 
*Weather or course conditions may affect use. 
The golf course reserves the option to close the course at anytime during the day due to lack of attendance or prevailing weather conditions.